Real Estate is Hot Again!

Most people know that real estate is moving again, values are increasing and the market is in recovery. But very few investors know how to capitalize on this recovery in a way that maximizes your opportunity. If you want to succeed in this changing market, the strategies you used last year won't work anymore. Come to a Property Bank event to lean more!

It's All About the Deal!

Not all deals are created equal. We know more ways to get you in, and out of a deal profitably than any other investment education firm. Why? Because we're real estate investors first, and educators second. combined we've done over 1000 real estate flips, buy and holds, wholesale deals and more. If you want to learn how to succeed as an investor, you're in the right place!

Get the Help You Need!

Investing in real estate in this volatile and changing market can be a little intimidating. But what if you had a formula that told you exactly what kind of strategy you were to use on any specific deal. And what if you had a growing list of motivated sellers, hungry buyers, and money partners who could fund your deal? How many deals could you do this year?

The Experience

We wanted to create an opportunity to give back. To share. To be outward focused and to contribute to the lives of those around us. Without exception, all of us have experienced that the more you give back, the more abundance floods into your life. The more you seek out opportunities to serve, the more opportunities pour into your own personal and professional life. You know us from TV and from the stage. Now we want to take our coaching to the next level and get to know each other personally.

And so, The Experience was born.