3 Free or Cheap Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real estate marketing doesn't have to be expensive. Use these free or cheap ideas to get your marketing off the ground without breaking the bank.

If you’re in the process of starting your real estate investing business, you’ve likely been researching where you can find the capital to make your first deal or where you can find more capital for your latest, most lucrative deal. Whether you’ve already flipped a few houses or you’re still preparing for your first house flip, you likely don’t have much of a budget for marketing yet. At the same time, you know that you need to get your name out there and get people to see your listings when it’s time to sell your properties.

So what do you do? Here are a few very cheap ways to market your real estate investing business without going broke.

Post Video Testimonials on Social Media

Almost nothing in the world builds a business’ reputation faster than testimonials from former clients or customers. So, if you have sellers or buyers you’ve worked with in the past who loved what you did and how you helped them out, reach out to them and ask if they wouldn’t mind doing a video testimonial for you. Set up a time to record them saying a few nice things about you and your real estate investing business, and you’ll have something you can post on your website and on social media that will drive exposure and grow your reputation as a quality house flipper in the area.

Use this kind of footage well, and it could be the key to more house flips in your future. And it’s free!

Create a Rehab Time-Lapse Video with Hyperlapse

With a time-lapse video, you can show days or weeks of work in a few seconds or minutes. People love this kind of video, but a lot of real estate investors think that it’ll be too time consuming or costly to create one, especially one of an entire rehab project. However, with Hyperlapse, a cool new app from Instagram, you can do just that without all the cost or time. Kind of cool, right?

Spend $5 Per Day on a Facebook Campaign

If you’re like a lot of us, you probably spend an extra $5.00 per day without even thinking about it. Whether it’s going to a coffee shop for a latté every day, treating yourself to lunch out a couple of times a week, or buying a few extras at the grocery store, we can all find $5.00 a day somewhere in our budgets.

Why am I focusing on $5.00? Because you can get an estimated 300 new leads each month on Facebook with a local advertising campaign set to a maximum budget of $5.00 per day, which is only $35.00 per week. To run one of these campaigns, you just choose your location, the category or type of people you’d like to reach (homeowners, buyers, renters, etc.), their age, and a few other details. Then you pick your campaign budget; you’ll never be charged more than the budget you set.

Want to get even more exposure without spending a ton of money on real estate marketing? Combine one of the first two of these tips with the last one. Make your time-lapse or testimonial video a campaign ad on Facebook, and see how many more people in your target audience get to see who you are, what you do, and how you could possibly help them.

Take some time to think about other ways you can promote your real estate investing business and find more house flip deals by increasing your exposure on social media through inexpensive local campaigns and positive marketing.


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Greg has spent the last 10 years focused on the growth opportunities and wealth accumulation through Real Estate vehicles. He has provided management direction, capital restructuring, investment research analysis, business projection analysis, and capital acquisition services which governed and impacted over $700 million in Real Estate transactions. Greg is also a much sought-after platform speaker on the topics of capital development, investment growth through use of self-directed IRA vehicles, and estate planning.

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