5 Things I Do Before Breakfast That Make Real Estate Investment Easier

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By Greg Herlean

Whether you’re flipping houses or you’ve decided to get into real estate investment as a private lender or investing partner, you can set the standard for your day before you sit down to breakfast. Over the last decade, I’ve spent a lot of time studying how to grow businesses and build wealth through real estate investing opportunities, and I’ve learned a lot about maximizing my time and productivity, as well as maximizing financial gain. So here are the five things I do every morning before breakfast that make real estate investment easier and more profitable for me, for Mike, and for the people and institutions we partner with.

Get Up Early

First of all, sleeping in is a good way to waste the very best part of the day. When you get up at (or before) the crack of dawn, you’re giving yourself numerous opportunities to get ahead of your day. It can be difficult to force yourself out of a warm bed when the sun isn’t even up yet, but once you’ve managed to do it, you’ll see how important those first few hours of the day are.

Getting up early lets you get a head start on the competition. It gives you time to plan your strategy for the day and the week. It also gives your brain time to come online and really focus on what you have to do for the rest of the day. By the time others are reaching for their first cup of coffee, you’ll be in gear and going.

Take Some Time for Self-Improvement

I find that hitting the gym or going for a run first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day, but you don’t have to get too extreme with this step. You could take a few minutes to stretch or meditate, or you could even write in a journal for a little while. Whether you do your best thinking when you’re pounding pavement or scribbling in a notebook, find the thing that puts your mind and body on track for a productive day.

Learn Something New

As I sip on my first cup of coffee, I like to catch up on financial and real estate industry news and trends. Sometimes, though, I’ll dip into something entirely different but equally enriching. The key here is to learn something new that gets your mind working and puts you in gear for the day. Whether you’re learning a new way to cold-brew coffee or you’re investigating the latest innovations in insulation and energy efficiency for your flips, take a few minutes to enrich your mind with something educational or practical.

Tackle Something You Don’t Want to Do

After you’ve taken a little bit of time to get your mind and body running properly, tackle one task that you don’t want to do. Getting a task that you’d rather procrastinate on done before you even sit down to breakfast (or while you’re munching on your eggs and toast) is a great way to set the tone for the day.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Finally, don’t run out the door without breakfast. Remember, you’re getting up early to prepare for your day and start it the right way, not to run off to a 9-to-5 job. You’re going to need plenty of energy to keep up with your real estate investment business. Flipping houses can be intense and rewarding work, both physically and mentally, so start your day right and make it easier and more fun.


About the author

Greg has spent the last 10 years focused on the growth opportunities and wealth accumulation through Real Estate vehicles. He has provided management direction, capital restructuring, investment research analysis, business projection analysis, and capital acquisition services which governed and impacted over $700 million in Real Estate transactions. Greg is also a much sought-after platform speaker on the topics of capital development, investment growth through use of self-directed IRA vehicles, and estate planning.

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