How to Make Outdoor Space More Useful


By Mike Baird

When you’re in the middle of a rehab project for a property that you plan on selling quickly, sometimes you may get caught up with everything that has to be done on the inside. Spending so much time and effort on interior projects and design can make the exterior of the home an afterthought sometimes. Smart investors, though, know that the outdoor space is just as important as what’s inside. Some may even say the outside curb appeal is the most important factor when attracting potential buyers. Our team at Property Bank knows that buyers are looking for homes that have attractive and useful outdoor spaces. If you’re in the real estate business, here are the things that can help you make an outdoor space more useful for buyers.

Landscaping Appeal

The first thing to address is the landscaping of the space. Weeds and overgrown grasses are going to keep potential buyers away, so you want to invest in purposeful plant and grass cover that adds to the appeal of the home. Keep tree cover reasonable and choose colorful and hardy flowers or shrubs to add to the outdoor space’s beauty.

Lighting Options

Next, I suggest spending some money on lighting the outdoor space. This can help a buyer visualize all of the possibilities of the space for things such as parties or family dinners outside. A few well-placed lights can also enhance the security of the property and help potential owners feel more secure in their new home.

Seating Areas

When you’re getting ready to stage a property for an open house or for its first day on the market, be sure to include some seating options in your outdoor space. If your budget isn’t large enough to include built-in benches or other seating spots, a few outdoor chairs, tables or couches can help make the space even more inviting.

Protection from the Elements

A potential buyer may also find it important to have some sort of protection from the elements in the outdoor space. Awnings or automatic sun shades can help meet this need and give the home an additional area of living space. If there isn’t space to attach these coverings to the home, invest in a quality pergola, canopy or large shady umbrella to increase the space’s curb appeal.

Defined Spaces

Lastly, I’ve always found defining outdoor spaces makes them more attractive to buyers. A deck attached to the home or a set patio area makes a home much more likely to move quickly in the market. While the initial investment in building these add-ons can add to your budget, these features can help your home sell much faster because of how important these spaces are to homeowners. Help potential buyers visualize entertaining in your property by incorporating a great outdoor space into your design.

The outdoor part of a property is one of the major factors in its ability to get sold quickly. You can enhance your flip if you create an outdoor oasis that appeals to a variety of home buyers. Doing so could help you reach an even higher profit potential this year.


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