3 Keywords to Use When Listing Properties for Sale

Bring attention to certain features when you are listing properties for sale, as this can help to attract more potential buyers.

When you think of flipping houses, you probably think of bidding at auctions or finding short sales, and you probably think of all of the renovations you’ll have to make to get a property ready to sell. Those things seem like they’ll be the majority of your work and the most important parts of making money flipping houses, right? Well, finding great deals and rehabbing properties are definitely essential to success in real estate investing, but you might be surprised at some of the things that will help you sell houses faster—like your property listings.

Did you know that the keywords you use in your listings can make a serious difference in whether or not buyers and realtors look at them or pass them by? In fact, failing to include the right keywords can mean that your listing doesn’t appear in search results for properties in your area, and buyers may never actually see your listing.

You probably never thought that search engine optimization (SEO) would have so much to do with selling flip houses, but it can be crucial. Basically, you want to make sure that you include the keywords that your buyers are using when they search for homes for sale in your market, but that’s not all. You also want to use these words naturally within the text of your listings because they provide accurate, attractive descriptions for your properties that will make buyers want to come check out your flip houses.


In general, homes with the word “remodel” in their property listings almost always sell faster than those that don’t. People want to know that the property has an updated kitchen and a luxuriously modern master bath. You’ve put a lot of work into rehabbing the property, so why not let people know that it’s newly remodeled with some amazing features?

Two more great keywords along the same lines are upgraded and updated. Again, you’ve made some significant upgrades and updates to the house, but buyers won’t know that from seeing it on the outside or scrolling past your listing online. Add these words and see how many more inquiries you get for viewings and how many more people start showing up at your open houses.

Tile, Stainless, or Hardwood

More and more young buyers are coming on the market today, and they’re not looking for the cheap linoleum floors that their parents’ kitchens and bathrooms had. Today’s buyers are looking for tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom, and they love hardwood flooring, too. The same goes for stainless steel appliances. If you’ve made any of these upgrades, make sure that you mention them in your listing.

Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, or Basketball Court

Never forget to talk about the features of the house. Swimming pools and tennis courts are big sellers, especially for luxury buyers. And while using the driveway as a basketball court might seem like an afterthought that you don’t need to mention, it’s actually a good thing to mention. If your property is located near a school, you’re going to have parents looking at it, and they’ll be thinking about places where their kids can play and get some exercise.

Other than these, always be as specific and descriptive as possible. Words like luxurious, beautiful, and captivating are all great for catching buyers’ attention. Mentioning that a property is pet-friendly, has a lot of closet space, or that it has a landscaped yard will help your listing come up in search results, as well. Be descriptive and use these keywords naturally throughout your listings, and you may be surprised at how quickly you start selling houses.


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