3 Tips for Shooting Better Property Videos

In today's world, property videos have become an important part of selling homes and properties. Property videos are crucial for real estate investors.

Up until just a few years ago, real estate videos weren’t that important. Brokers and agents could use them when they met with clients to show them properties before going out to look at them. You might even get a real estate property video in the mail if you were looking at a potential investment or a home out of state. For the most part, though, before the rise of the Internet and mobile tech, video wasn’t one of the more useful real estate marketing tools around.

Today, though, if you want to sell houses, you need to have quality real estate videos. You can post these with your property listings, on social media, on your website, and even in blog posts about different types of renovations and rehab projects. With so many people watching videos on their phones and other mobile devices, and with so many people starting their house hunts online, video is the way to go to get potential buyers interested in your properties.

So how can you shoot better property videos? Here are a few of my favorite tips. These are really effective if you’re on a budget and need to shoot your own videos instead of hiring a pro, or if you want to shoot a quick clip to get people on Instagram and Snapchat excited about your latest real estate offering.

Choose the Right Tools and Put in Some Practice Time

If you’re shooting a sneak peek video for social media, you may be able to get away with using your phone’s camera, but be sure to add some lighting and get the best angles possible. If you’re shooting a professional real estate video for one of your finished house flips, you may want to consider a higher quality digital camera, a tripod, and a couple of different lenses. The more videos you shoot, the more you’ll get a feel for the best equipment.

Pre-Production Is the Most Important Phase of Any Video

Don’t just pick up the camera (or your phone) and start shooting. Every successful real estate video has a plan and a script. So, start by thinking about how long the video should be and what message it should convey. Is this a video of a luxury condo with all the latest updates and a killer view? Or is it a video of a beautiful and cozy bungalow house in a great school district? Each of these video ideas has a theme that’s not just about the property but also the people who’ll watch it and what they’d get from buying the property. That’s what I mean by figuring out your message.

After you figure out your message, create a list of the shots you want to get for the video. Follow your script and shot list, and you’ll be sure to get everything you need. Believe me, forgetting to get a great shot of the bathroom is something you’ll kick yourself for later.

Play Around with Lighting

Even if you’re using the cheapest camera around, lighting is king. Experiment with how turning on different lights can help or how a shot looks when you add an off-screen light on one side and a light reflector on the other side (there are professional options, but a white sheet or poster board works, too).

The more you practice and play with how your equipment works and what you can make it do, the more you can plan things like light reflectors and different lenses into your video production. Follow these tips, and your house flip videos will improve dramatically.


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