The Importance of Great Lighting in Your House


By Mike Baird

You probably already know about the importance of curb appeal when flipping a house, but do you know the next most important factor in house staging? If you have great curb appeal, people will want to come inside and see your house, but what do they see when they step in the front door?

Do they see a bright, spacious floor plan with lots of light? Or does the space feel dark and close? When they walk into the kitchen, can they see the shining accents in the marble or quartz countertop? What about the bathroom? Is there enough light in there to do makeup and get a look in the mirror to make sure they’re well put-together for the day?

You get the idea. Without good lighting, even the most open and attractive space will look dark and uninviting. If your buyers feel like they have to squint as they walk around the house, their minds are going to be on the next property they want to look at and how to get out of here as soon as possible.

If, on the other hand, you have great lighting in your house, you’ll be able to show off all of its assets. Buyers will be envisioning themselves living there, relaxing in the living room, reading in the bedroom, and more. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to put spotlights up in every room. Honestly, too much light can be as bad as too little.

The Right Lighting for the Room

For example, you want the lighting in the kitchen to be bright so that buyers can see how easily they’ll be able to see what they’re doing when they cook in their new house. If you have a dine-in kitchen, you’ll also want some softer lighting options, too, though, for a calm, relaxing atmosphere once the meal is cooked and it’s time to eat.

In the bathroom, you want plenty of light over or on either side of the mirror to allow for tasks like putting on makeup or performing first aid. At the same time, you don’t want your buyers to walk into the bathroom and feel like someone is shining an unflattering, unforgiving fluorescent bulb down on them.

Blend Lighting for Atmosphere

Blending different light sources is a great way to completely transform a room and give the perfect atmosphere. If you have a lot of natural light in the living room, showing the house in the morning or early afternoon will be perfect, but that’s not always possible. You’ll also have to have a plan for showing the house in the evening after a buyer gets off work.

Additionally, natural light isn’t always enough to really let a room live up to its full potential, but you don’t always want to go with a really bright ceiling light, either. Floor lamps and desk lamps can do a great job of blending natural and artificial light to give a room more dimension.

Rooms to Focus On

When you’re flipping a house, of course, you don’t have a limitless budget, so you do have to make some hard decisions with your lighting and other rehab details. Even if I have a very tight limit on my expenses, I always make sure that the foyer, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms are well-lit and show off all of their best features.

You can see how incredibly important lighting is when flipping a house. That’s why I always set aside a good lighting budget for my flips. I also recommend talking with your house staging professionals about bringing in supplemental lighting to show potential buyers what the space can look like with a few well-placed lamps.


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Mike was the star of the Hit TV show Flip Men on Spike TV. He has personally flipped over 1,000 houses, and is known as 'the' expert on real estate investment. His passion for the business is unequaled and evident anytime you are around him. He lives to motivate and inspire others and is a sought after speaker on real estate investment, personal development and success.

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